Hospitality Leadership and Design Conference

Testimonials - February 2022, Pan Pacific London

“...this is THE best conference in the world for the hospitality industry.”

“The best thing about it is the incredible people”

“Meeting new people has been really exciting”

“It's so refreshing to come back and to chat with old friends and make new ones”

Damien Perrot

Global Senior Vice President Design & Innovation, Accor

“It's a really fantastic time to meet great people and to connect”

“There's always some very nice new people to meet”

Emlyn Brown

Global Vice President - Well-Being - Accor

“Really impressed with the gathering of design professionals/hospitality professionals coming together and looking at new ways and new ideas”

“I hope all of us go out and keep this positive energy towards our clients and new projects”

“You know before you come you are going to have the who's who”

“It's the only place to get inspired”

“This is my first time and it's spectacular”

Gary D. Dollens

Global Head Design, Product and Brand Development Hyatt Hotels Corporation

“You've got some great panels going on today and really diverse topics”

“Great energy, it's great to see a group of talented people together”

“I would definitely come back to more of this”

Isabel Pintado

Senior Vice President, Design and Innovation, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“It feels quite intimate, there's a real flow of conversation”

“The future is very bright”

Judy Chen

Vice President of Development – Dream Hotel Group

“These are the folks I don't usually get a chance to meet, so it's been very productive - i've had a great time”

“This is the most interesting event on the calendar”

“It's a wonderful experience and I like the diversity of the panels alot”

“It was really interesting to hear from others how the last 2 years have affected them, and the trends that are emerging”

“Organisation of the conference is incredible”

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