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Esra Lemmens

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Esra Lemmens

Esra Lemmens is an internationally acclaimed Design Strategist at her namesake and influential public speaker through which she always seeks new and exciting ways to maximize designers’ potential with a strong focus on innovations needed to secure our future.

Praised for her aptitude for analysis, visualization, communication and lateral thinking, her expertise across Design Management and Design Communication is endorsed by key figures in the industry as well as government organizations and cultural institutions.

As well as contributing essays to numerous publications on design and contemporary culture, Lemmens is the Author of the book: “Conceptual Commercialism – Commercial Conceptualism”, and has an international presence with her work, leveraged by ongoing lectures and masterclasses at prestigious Design Institutes.

In her work, Lemmens champions designs’ ubiquitous force, able to address and solve complex problems that influence every aspect of our lives.

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