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Alexandra Woop

Executive Director, Interior Design Construction, Design & Technical Services, IMEAT

Alexandra Woop

Alexandra is Executive Director of Interior Design for luxury brands, based in Dubai managing Middle East, Africa & Turkey region, ensuring brand equity, enabling innovation and effectively designed environments with strong character. She is developing efficient design and experience strategy, enhancing new methods of user experience. Collaborating with talented architects and designers around the globe, she is inspiring stakeholders of the projects to innovate and go beyond the limits, challenge the industry by setting up new trends. She is 9 years with Accor and looking forward to experiencing and supporting the future transformations of the company.

Alexandra is qualified by Stanford University holding a LEAD business program certificate. This program teaches how to disrupt organizations, industries, and the world, transforming the knowledge into impact and drive the innovation in organizations.

Alexandra’s background in Design & contemporary Architecture with experience of 7 years in Hamburg based BRT Architekten GmbH, Germany (Bothe Richter Teherani) facilitates to supply chain techniques to enhance the culture of creativity in her current mission in Design Management and Brand Design strategy.

Alexandra is a member of Design Management Institute in Boston, US which is connecting design to business, to culture, to customers – and to the changing world, constantly exchanging with educators, researchers, designers and leaders from different design industries and bringing the knowledge into the company to facilitate transformational change and design driven innovation.

She is holding a master degree in Architecture of Civil & Public buildings from State university in Moscow with a diploma presented on 9th International Biennale in Venice as one of the best examples of student works.

As a former professional tennis player, she is continuing playing, practicing golf, and currently learning kitesurfing at the shores of sunny Dubai, Egypt and Tanzania.

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